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Introduction to Flashing Tape

When building a structure, it’s essential to make sure that it's designed to stand up to the elements. Each climate comes with challenges, whether its heat, cold, snow, sand, salt, or extreme weather events like hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and more. At Niece Lumber, we make sure that every detail of the building process works together to stand up to these harsh conditions. One of those details is using flashing tape from G-Tape USA. We trust this flashing tape to weather the elements and extend your project's life while saving you from costly repairs.

What is Flashing Tape?

Flashing tape, also referred to as joist tape, is an acrylic adhesive tape installed beneath your siding to create a continuous barrier around seams of your building in areas like doors, windows, decks and other problem areas. This helps prevent moisture and air from penetrating your trim or even getting into your building, leading to decay, mold, cracks and leaks. The flexible nature of the tape makes it easy to apply along curved or irregularly shaped surfaces to fit any architectural design.

Types of Flashing Tape

The versatility of flashing tape makes it a staple in modern construction projects because it can adhere to a variety of materials like metal, wood, vinyl, OSB and even plastic sheathing wraps. Window flashing tape and deck flashing tape are the most common types of tape used in construction projects and they come in a variety of sizes. With the wealth of options available, Niece Lumber can help you identify the flashing tape that is best for your needs.

You must follow the installation procedures outlined by G-Tape USA, but in general, running a hand pressure roller over the tape provides a better bond than only applying pressure with your hand. In many cases, the bond may not last forever, but using the shingle principle can offer the best moisture barrier. This principle calls for lapping the joints so that water always flows away from the building and on top of the layer below, shingle style. This is the best way to ensure that moisture cannot wreak havoc on your new build.

Want to learn more about G-Tape USA and their expansive collection of flashing tapes? Niece Lumber can help you identify the best tape for your project to extend your building's life.

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