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Nichigo G-Tape 3045BK is a single sided tape built with a laminated

polyethylene cloth and proprietary acrylic adhesive. This tape has

superior physical properties and handles easily. 3045BK is designed

to adhere strongly on rubber sheet goods (EPDM/Pond Liner Membrane)


Key Features
・ Easy to tear by hand: No cutting tool is required
・ Scrap-less: face to face contact separates without damaging the adhesive
・ Repositionable - no wrinkles when applied
・ Excellent adhesion to rubber (ex. ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber)
・ High static shear to rubber


✓ Waterproof     

✓ High dimension stability
✓ High UV and weather resistance

✓ High chemical and solvent resistance
✓ Wide application temperature range

✓ High abrasion resistance

Typical Applications
● Seaming various rubber sheets
● Repairing rubber component
● Long term outdoor uses
● Replacement for asphalt tape and/or butyl tape


Commonly used for deck "Dry-In" when seaming EPDM/Pond Liner in the joist valleys.

3045BK 4" x 65' Rubber Sheet EPDM Bonding Tape

SKU: 30454
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